3 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Smart consumers like you need to interview a number of potential real estate agents before they can settle on one. Good agents are also selective about their clients. Just as you are looking for a perfect fit, the real estate agent will mostly likely be interviewing you as well. Be aware of agents who don’t ask you return questions and discourage your motivation.

Here are few questions which you should ask your real estate agent before selecting the right one.

Q1. How long has he been in the industry?

There is nothing wrong in hiring a new agent, but a little experience is not bad, in fact it is ideal. Licensed professionals can be the better ones. A lot depends on the training levels and whether they were assisted by competent mentors.

Q2. What is his average list-price-to-sales-price ratio?

A real estate agent's average ratio is determined by the market. A credible buyer's agent should be able to work on sales price that is lower than the actual list price. This is a scenario when you take out the rising sellers' market out of the question. A real estate can also assist you in a rebate program. These programs have enormously helped home buyers get cash back in NJ and other similar locations.

Q3. Can he provide references?

You may not require any kind of reference if the agent has plenty of genuine reviews online. Some experienced agents also feel humiliated if you ask for them this question. While hiring a newbie agent  of the industry, make sure you ask this question and get a satisfying answer.

Consider these questions and do ask them to find an ideal agent for buying/selling a property.